Social media in Education System

An average person spends his one third of his life online (specially Social Media Websites)! According to study of Mediakix, time spent per day for following websites is 40 minutes on YouTube, 35 minutes for Facebook, 25 minutes for Snapchat, 15 minutes for Instagram, at least one minute for Twitter.

Online time spent is follows by sleeping, In short a person spends his half of the life resting and trying to being social…

We can use 2.1bn social media user base globally exist to gain and improve the knowledge we have!

One step ahead learning: can we use social media in our education system?

Social Media is the right platform for engaging with each other unless and until one can misuse this very strong platform. Using social media does not mean using it in classrooms. Not at all! There are many other ways the social media can be the part of your academics.

How to use SOCIAL MEDIA in Education System?

Using Social Media Fundamentals, 

Social Media is the platform where people come together and get connected with each other using internet as a medium. Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Blogging websites etc. are very useful medium to build a strong network as well. So this helps,


  •  Such platforms encourage students to interact with each other. This helps to create bond with each other. Increase student collaboration, Interpersonal relations.
  • Build Good network in and off institute in early age of career.
  • Students can discuss different topics online. That helps everyone to get a bigger and better picture of the topic. 
  • An effective, productive and creative utilisation of resources can only and easily happen online using social media.
  • Students can share their views using social media platforms; get responses and reviews immediately and the process can be accelerated.
  • Social Media can be the “voice of students” platform, where students can get listened from various communities present on here…

BOYD (Bring your own device) does not exist today. Reason; Number of smartphones has already taken over the number of toothbrushes long back!


  • Social media can play better role in the engagement of teacher with students more easily than any other conventional medium.
  • One on one interaction can happen between teacher and student. So queries can be resolved easily and quickly.
  • One can share many stuff like classroom notes and assignments, important news which has to be discussed in the classrooms, etc. Teachers can conduct off classrooms group discussion, online attendance and so many things for which social media can be used.
  • Teacher can keep students connected with on-going events related to the topics, subjects.
  • Professors can blog on his subject and add value to the classroom learning.
  • Teachers can be connected with not only students but also parents and guardians; hence Social Media pin them on the same page.
  • Teacher can enhance the level of teaching using social media. For example, one can share the notes to be taught in the class with “teacher community” of the particular subject, which can help to increase the level of knowledge sharing with students.
  • Teacher community can share their experience and design courses, syllabus etc. 


  • Institute can be a friend of the teachers and students.
  • Social media provides a chance to improve institute level engagement amongst the stakeholder. All member of institute get connected simultaneously and social media brings all them together on a single platform.
  • Institute can bring experts and student, teacher together using social media
  • People and network can review an institute and that helps the institute to fight for betterment of itself and deliver “quality products.”
  • Social Media networking can help to increase in the transparencywithin the institute.

  • Add some value to classroom lessons using Social Media platforms…

“Go Live” with Social Media

  • When a renowned celebrity comes from an industry somewhere, #GoLive. Everybody can get an advantage of superior knowledge using social media. Social media is the beautiful platform which can provides “live” value addition in the academics.
  • Social media can overcome the problem of lack of teachers. Teachers and Institutes can carry online lectures where the facility is not available. So illiteracy can be reduced with minimum expenditure. We have many channels to use such as YouTube live, Twitter live, Facebook live, Instagram live almost every major player has the facility to “go live”.

Be social, let others participate, empower everyone, Educate everyone!

Social Media: a Marketing Tool

Institute perspective,

  • Using Social Media an institute can create a good bond with teacher and students and every stakeholder of that institute.
  • Social Media Is “Virtual showcase” for any Institute. Hence, Social Media becomes a strong marketing tool for institutions. Institute can create a brand using social media as a marketing tool.
  • Using Social Media an institute can grab public attention.
  • Institute can use Social media in admission process. That helps to reduce advertisement cost of the institute. Social media “insights” can help to track the conversions of the expenditure which is very difficult in the traditional marketing methods. More effective because various type of content institute can showcase in front of the prospects.
  • Institute can fetch some attention from corporates using regular posting of events, studies and many “wow” moments. This attention will be helpful in case of campus recruitment, collaborative studies, etc.
  • Connection with Alumni! Alumni are return on investment for the institute. But it is very hard keep in touch with them using conventional methods of communication. But thanks to social media it became an easy task. Alumni are important to any institute because they are marketing medium; they create job opportunities for their successors.

Student’s perspective,

  • Nowadays corporates are using social media as a recruitment platform. Many corporates post the job openings on the social media platforms, so it became a mandatory to student that having social media presence and being active on it.
  • Student himself can get job even off campus showing society about his knowledge, wow factor. Social media is the marketing platform where student can get ample of opportunities if he/she uses it properly. It is self-marketing.
  • Students can use this as a business platform. It is risky perhaps, but with proper precautions it can possible though.

There are many ways social media can use in academics, Pedagogy and whole education system for the betterment of the society.

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