Our Approach

Its a Path that leads to mutual "GOALS"


 The Media Choice (TMCI) believes, "Marketing Is the treatment for the subconscious mind." Marketing is the education therapy for the audience. Therefore Marketing strategy is a result of the funnel of three aspects Research, Analysis, collate, relate

Marketing is dependent on the audience. So every marketer is keen on market aspect. "acceptance" is the real story behind every successful marketing strategy. Taste changes with the time. Marketing strategy is the result of the Market Funnel. This Funnel is the optimisation of the old market and the existing market.

The research and analysis of what? both of the Art and the Science. The art is the creative wheel of marketing and science is the technical and practical wheel. Science deals with the human nature which may or may not lead to acceptance or nonacceptance. Relating the collections of the past and the present a Marketing strategy forms the future hope!  


Team is the integration of diversified talent.

 The universe is our teacher, and history is our book.
The team of creative experts, make sure content created and the product offered should be in line with the audience expectations. Marketing Experts are our research department. Marketing experts are time travellers. They travel through past and present to find future of our clients. Our team consists of Content writers, photographers, video makers, creative writers, mass communication experts, social media experts, web developers, marketing executives, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, PPC (Pay per Click) experts, accountant, mathematician, etc.

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