factors affecting search engine ranking: google ranking, bin

How to get first rank in search engines like google, bing, yahoo!, etc?

It is pretty easy!

Search engines today:

Today after mid-2016, search engines are working far way better than what they were used to work before. Search engines are now more intelligent, more proficient and more users oriented. Particularly Google is cable of understanding user, after introducing ‘Brainrank’ algorithm,google is now capable of understanding the minds of user than keywords.

So it’s time to change marketers too.

It’s time to shift from old to new and comprehensive strategies. Everybody wants to serve his/her client to be more satisfied and augmented with services provided by him/her. So does google. Thus Google, Bing continuously trying to improve their search algorithms ‘fool-proof’.

It is the era of ‘user intent’.

Solution is here, don’t emphasise on keywords, Keyword research is important though it has no weight in the ranking procedure anymore, for example,

one keyword, so no use to emphasising keywords anymore while optimising. Today, search engines are so brilliant that those are capable of considering synonyms, search engine like Google consider such little things in every search result and implement it to enhance user experience.

One more old technique, 

Spammy Backlinks.

Backlinks such as the link from very low traffic website, the link has some kind of error, Domain authority level, link from panelise website, etc are some of the factors those decides quality of the link. So never overburden with just backlinks, be sure quality is more important than quantity. Thus the quality backlinks are important.

But Backlinks is the top rated factor in Search engine optimisation.

So, what factors are really affects the ranking of search engine?



  • The only thing important today is content! More relevant, exciting, attractive content will be real engagement for user not search engine interface. So try to get more optimised and super exciting stuff for your viewers. While designing content one must focus on structured data, content readability, Influencer outreach, infographics etc.

Session/pages and bounce rate.

  • Time spent by the users on a particular view is the most decisive factor today. More the average time spent on a page, more retention of viewers will be rated higher in any search engine result.

Responsive design.

  • Responsive design of the website/webpages is essential factor today to promote in Bing ranking, Google ranking or any search engine ranking.


  • High quality backlinks are Highly appreciated while search engine optimization process. Finally high quality backlinks is still number one place in overall SEO.

There are lots of many things which must be taken care to super optimise your site, but above four things are enough to get high traffic and higher rankings in search engines today.

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