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 Information of offerings is the content. It speaks about offerings. Hence it more important to have entertaining content which can play with brains and minds of the targeted audience. Different types of contents are available, but the selecting appropriate type of content and preparing a quality content according to the target audience is the key success of the marketing. There major two types of content words, images. Using these two types and different combinations among them, THE MEDIA CHOICE creates quality content. Find out some of our direct, separate services of content creation 



Creativity is an art, but if art will prosper when it a logical hands of science becomes the backbone of that art. commercialised for marketing art or creativity definitely need the scientific brain. TMCI approach is our answer for how creativity has to be scientific. The Media Choice provides consultation for integrating creativity and marketing together for a better result for the service provider and audience, hence society.


Today, In the world of digitisation people need their service provider on-line all the time. The website is the physical on-line evidence of the service provider. The website builds trust for the organisation, It is the best medium to keep in touch with customer hence improved customer relationship and many other benefits of having an online presence with an own website. With the best web developers team, TMCI provides Website development services.


The advertisement is the creative announcement for the public to get aware of the offerings. Advertise communicates benefits of the offerings, product or service. The Media choice (TMCI) provides different advertising solutions according to requirement. We provide Infographics, print ads, Audio ads, Video ads, 2D and 3D animated ads, etc. TMCI has an in-house Advertising production house.



Logo is the graphical or symbolic representation of organisation. Logo becomes the recognition of the organisation. Logo should be story telling or it must have some meaning and The Media Choice design your logo meaningfully.

 If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


Infographic is the combination of words and pictures. Best way to transfer the knowledge, Information, etc. effectively and efficiently. Today, In this DIGITAL WORLD Infographics taken bold and Inexhaustible place.


Blog is a abbreviation of 'Web-Log'. Blog is a knowledge or an Information published on internet. Blogs are intentionally written articles which contains useful articles, images, links, comments, according to requirement.


 Copywriting is combination of art of creativity and science of psychology. Copywriting is the Indivisible part of marketing because it is the rearranging wolds considering human psychology but creatively to sell the offering.


 To improve Search Engine visibility Website/webpage data has to be optimized. This data is known as content writing. Blogs, Articles, copywriting etc. The Media Choice provides original content to keep you from search engine plagiarism.


If You are Marketing your product/service pictures, images, photographs are most important medium to consider because pictures speak more than words. TMCI helps you to build marketing pictures.


The Media Choice provides product page writing. Product page writing is the creative writing about offerings product or service to attract the reader to explore more about offering and it may convert to sell of the product.


Online and offline manuals are helping hands of the customer as well as service provides. This improves the direct interaction of user and product or service offerings.


To improve Search Engine visibility Website/webpage data has to be optimised. This data is known as content writing. Blogs, Articles, copywriting etc. The Media Choice provides original content to keep you from search engine plagiarism.


Editorial Designs are refer to the column allotted to editor for writing. Editorial design perfect combination of arrangement of words and paragraphs, photographs, art, etc. to fascinate reader.


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